Renewac Project Process and Partners

Renewac Project Process and Partners

RENEWAC Partners


BDT Ltd. Sti. is a private company founded in 2014. The company offers extended services in the fields of technical consulting and engineering, specific training and further education, certification, inspection and project management for the oil, gas and energy industry.

BDT Ltd. Sti. has a diversified large expert profile to offer flexible services to the clients. The main activities of the BDT centre on financial and project management, accreditation, and certification according to EU standards in several areas including energy, project management. Apart from these services, the company provides modelling, risk analysis, and business planning services as well.


The independent national association BFI Burgenland was founded in February 1991 by the Chamber of Labor and the Austrian Federation of Trade Unions „ÖGB” to build a training program according to regional conditions and requirements.

The Berufsförderungsinstitut (BFI) is the largest educational institution on the employee side in Austria. Our organizations are the Chambers of Workers and Employees and the Austrian Trade Union Confederation. The main focus of our work is vocational education and training of employees and education and employment measures for unemployed and those threatened by unemployment.


Sekem Energy is a consulting and planning company for regional and resource-saving energy system solutions, which was founded in 2009. The main concerns of Sekem Energy are the initiation and establishment of regional value chains, the anchoring of sustainable integrated regional development as well as the education and training of skilled workers in the field of renewable energies.

Above all, Sekem Energy GmbH provides the necessary know-how for the successful implementation of sustainable projects and combines a variety of economic, legal, technical and scientific competencies under its roof.

Yasar University

Yasar University (YU), was founded in 2001 and it is one of the highly preferred private universities in Turkey.

YU has participated in more than 80 different EU-funded projects as coordinator and partner, mainly under Lifelong Learning Programme, FP7 Programme, Erasmus+ and Horizon 2020 Programme. The Energy Systems Engineering Department at YU conducts teaching and research on renewable energy systems, energy efficiency, smart grid, controls and optimization.

Bolakar Energy Engineering and Consulting Ltd.

BOLAKAR Energy Engineering and Consulting Ltd. was established in 2008 by the Founding President of the Turkish Electricity Market, which includes the processes of Electricity Market Mechanism Design, Preparation of Related Legislations and Establishment of Market Operation System between 2002-2008.

BOLAKAR Energy provides engineering, consultancy and training services in the following fields of activity; Project development in the field of renewable energy (wind and solar systems priority); Feasibility; Obtaining official permissions; Licensing; Installation; Commissioning and operation. In addition to these services, engineering, consultancy and training services are provided in the following areas for generation and wholesale electricity trading companies operating in the free electricity market; Production optimization; Wholesale and retail electricity trade; Electricity import and export; Balancing market; Management of spot market transactions.

BOLAKAR Energy has provided consultancy, coordination and project management services to many investor companies. Bolakar Enerji played an active role in the development, licensing and installation processes of more than 700 MW of Wind and Solar Power Plant projects, of which approximately 600 MW are in operation.