Train the Trainer Course – Business Specialist Trainer with Consulting and Coaching ISO 17024

Renewable Energy Maintenance Academy (RENEWAC)

February 4, 2022

Train the Trainer Course – Business Specialist Trainer with Consulting and Coaching ISO 17024



We are aimed at people who want to train as well-founded specialist trainers and use consulting and coaching elements.

Company bosses prefer to put employee management in their hands. To do this, they require the internal trainers to bring the ability to inspire and initiate learning processes.

The well-trained business trainer with consulting and coaching is responsible for the conception, planning and execution of trainings, seminars and workshops. For example, they are self-employed with the commissioning of team development measures or as an in-house trainer with their expertise as a freelance trainer for Maintenance Course for wind energy

This recognized training course consists of 6 course phases.

  • Learning phase: Video Classes (ongoing) with handouts, scripts, instructions… take part in training: participate in the practice days
  • Didactic Coaching: 2 units to participate (recommended)
  • Work phase: Preparing for the examination process (practical work) (ten Topics!!!!)
  • Completion: The examination process (acquisition of the certificate with 160 units) is also possible with ISO 17024 certification. By going through and taking down the examination process, you have proven your competence as a professional (specialist) trainer with the possibility to complete the ISO 17024 certification in our institute.
  • Learning phase and training – Consulting and coaching: Video Classes (ongoing) with handouts, scripts, instructions… and
  • participate in the practice days

Every training also needs recognition as proof of competence.

Thanks to the balanced mix of presence – our practice days synchronously online – and 24/7 online on demand lessons, you can flexibly design the training and with your other tasks such as  .B. Combining everyday work


The concept of our recognized and certified training business trainer with advice and coaching is to build up basic teaching skills, in order to then learn the professional competence by introducing the basics of consulting and coaching and to deepen them with practical sequences. Through this course setup, you will learn step by step the necessary basics and techniques for working as a consultant and trainer.

In the Department of Business Consulting & Coaching, you will get an in-depth insight into the tools of consulting and coaching. (TTT)


In the first step, you will build up the basic teaching skills from the certified instructor training ISO 17024. With our online academy – trainer training you can study videos, scripts and exercises on all modules of trainer training. This allows you to start at any time. At the (mandatory) practice days communication, presentation, group dynamics, Conflict management or diacritics & methodology consolidates what you have learned. Thanks to the balanced mix of presence & online on demand, you can flexibly design your training and combine it with your other tasks such as. B. everyday work.

After completing your general training competence, you can complete an ISO 17024 certification on request in our in-house test center.

In the second step, you will gain an in-depth insight into the tools of consulting and coaching in the consulting & coaching department. In this department you will receive an insight and the first basics for the consulting and coaching world in order to conduct in-depth consultations, to accompany wishes, goals or ideas. In our online academy – advice and coaching you will once again have access to videos, scripts for in-the-working and can study them on an ongoing course. During the 2 days of practice, theories are discussed and exercises & examples for consolidation are offered. You conclude with a certificate Business Trainer with advice and coaching.

ISO 17024 Certification

You can store your ISO 17024 certification in our in-house testing center

By acquiring a certificate of competence trainer in adult education ISO 17024

(on request with a focus on business and coaching -TTT-) you gain recognition and proof of your professional and didactic skills in this area.

By going through and taking down the examination process, you have proven your competence as a professional (specialist) trainer with the possibility to complete the ISO 17024 certification in our institute.

Training content

Module – Communication I Conversation

Module – Presentation I safe appearance

Module – Group Dynamics I Teams Lead

Module – Didactic & Methodology I Build Tension Arc

Module – Conflict management I Mastering difficult situations

Module – Moderation l to get to the point

Module – Seminar planning l Practice sequence

CONCLUSION (with or without examination to/from ISO 17024 specialist trainer)

  1. Create a practical paper and submit.
  2. Preparing your live sequence for online exam
  3. Multiple-Choice Test (at ISO 17024 certification)
  4. Online exam: presentation of your practical work and hold your live sequence with Expert talks

I’m expecting

  • professional and experienced speakers
  • Videos for personal reflection
  • Access to online Academy
  • the possibility of continuing training
  • concentrated & focused training

Target group:

Business Trainer acutely about WIND ENERGY – We are aimed at people who want to train well-founded professional trainers and want to use consulting and coaching elements and are considering doing a consulting and/or coaching job, people workers, team leaders or prospective team managers with or without management function, HR officers, consultants, aspiring trainers, newcomers, trainers, prospective managers, trainers, trainers, managers, department managers, project managers, consultants  actually about WIND ENERGY and its maintenance.


  • mother tongue is Turkish or very good knowledge of Turkish in word and writing as a second language, English as second language is advantageous,
  • minimum age 24 years and at least one completed vocational training (or equivalent or higher),
  • desired is mainly knowledge about mechanical engineering, electrics & electronics, and mechatronics at WIND ENERGY.
  • own Internet access and hardware, computer users can be used office and internet (e-learning), ability to learn independently

We invest in you! The training itself is free! Grow with RENEWAC and shape with us the sectors future!

After a successful course (presentations, group works, attendance) you are eligible to receive an international recognized certificate (ISO 17024) for the costs of € 500,00

The certification cost is refundable through our scholarship program, which means that you can do course and certification at no costs!

Apply for our Scholarship program:

Your trained know-how is valuable to the Wind Sector in Turkey. Unleash your gained know-how with this course, work as a trainer for us and create new green jobs!

REFUND the entire course fee by signing a future cooperation agreement with us, after passing course and certification! Let us together develop the future of wind industry!

RENEWAC is a fresh motivated international Team deep rooted in the Turkish wind sector with the mission to provide skills for a renewable future.

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RENEWAC- living better with education

Accredited and authorized by TURKAK / BBS Ltd.   as /IEC 17024 Examination Body

Ten Seminar Topics

  1. Health&Safety
  2. Basics of Wind Energy
  3. Basic Maintenance of Wind Turbine
  4. Wind Turbine Electrical Engineering
  5. Wind Turbine Mechanics
  6. Tower and Rotor Structures
  7. Wind Turbine Hydraulics
  8. Practical Training
  9. Maintenance Devices Inspection
  10. Design and Equipment of Laboratory